Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Suicide of the Last Jew in the Last Cinema

Great news for those of us who love David Cronenberg's films- Penguin Canada has hired Cronenberg to write a novel. He actually started out wanting to become a novelist when he was studying literature at the University of Toronto. He decided that his writing was too similar to his influences, particularly Nabokov and Burroughs, and went into films instead. Fans of his movies tend to agree though that they're fairly novelistic- being focused on details of daily life and the inner lives of the characters- and that his most interesting films are the ones that he has written as well as directed. So I think a Cronenberg novel will be worth reading, although it will probably be disturbing.

Speaking of disturbing, this is a short-film that Cronenberg made last year for the Cannes film festival's collection of shorts To Each His Own Cinema, or Chacun son cinéma. It was apparently the most disturbing of the three-minute shorts shown. Note also that the jew is played by Cronenberg himself.


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