Monday, January 07, 2008

So take a chance on a couple of kooks...

It looks like Barack Obama is doing better in New Hampshire, which is good for me, since I'm now one step closer to telling Europe to suck it. (Note to Europeans: I am joking! Please do not beat me up when I arrive in France in ten days from now!)

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton's numbers are dropping. I prefer Obama to Clinton. I have to admit though that the glee some people have over her decline strikes me as weird. I keep seeing this video of Hillary Clinton's "heated response" linked across the Internet. Bloggers are acting like she smacked her kid or something. She just sounds forthright to me. Talk about a double standard- polticians all talk that way. It's called scenery-chewing. People seem to have really visceral feelings about Hillary Clinton, as if they have to choose whether or not they're willing to make out with her. It's sort of bizarre to me and I also get uncomfortable with some of the Hillary haters- you get the feeling that they're taking out their personal issues with women on a total stranger.

Elections are like job interviews: you just pick the person who you think would do a better job. It's not personal and it really shouldn't be. It's not the WWF, and it's not really a value judgment, even though some people have taken to treating it like a religious election. I think they need to lighten up a little. None of these people is going to be perfect. But, at least, just about everyone running is better than what we have now!


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