Thursday, August 11, 2005

Day Off

Today, I would like to get into the question of free will. Specifically, I would like to get into what in philosophy is called the "problem" of free will. It ties in with what I was talking about yesterday because the problem would seem to be that we can't really account for free will without the existence of a soul, and would therefore be another serious limitation of science and philosophy. Unless, of course, we could think of a way around it. Which, honestly, I can't. Not a problem exactly, because I don't think a lot of philosophers can.


Today I have to go to the library and sit there and study for this French final all day basically. Currently, I have a %96 in the class, so I don't want to screw up the final. Especially since I've actually screwed up the actual language exam at UB and I'm pretty lucky as it is to go to a grad school where they don't kick you out for screwing up that.

Back later. Take care.

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