Sunday, August 07, 2005


I got to talking with our universities "IT guy" the other day while training for the Fall courses. According to him, it's not a good idea to save any work on a floppy disc, because they deteriorate in a few years and their technology is already obsolete.

Me: "Okay, so what do you use?"

He told me the best thing currently was something like a CD-R/RW drive. Then, he added: "But, honestly, the problem is that the technology will be obsolete in a few years."

Me: "Okay, is there anything that won't be obsolete in a few years?"

Him: "No, nothing affordable. That's why the libraries are reconsidering going digital. The stuff gets lost when the state-of-the-art changes."

Me: "So, wait- I have a book in my bag from the 1870s that I checked out from my library."

Him: "Exactly."

Me: "So the most state of the art and reliable way to store information is still a metal filing cabinet filled with papers?"

Him: "Yes, exactly."


Anonymous said...

so much for the paperless office...

Rufus said...

Yeah, we've all but given up on it.

I think it would be possible to have a paperless office. But, everyone would have to agree that all the work they're doing is totally disposable.