Thursday, February 22, 2007

Badass Nursing Mofo

In the last post I referenced the overly-macho young men in every strip mall town I've ever been to. I actually spotted them here yesterday- or more accurately, overheard them talking very loudly in the hospital cafeteria about snowboarding and fucking in those exaggeratedly deep liquor and testosterone voices that they all inevitably have. Anyway, I was corrected by our friend the Inpatient, who informed us that all of the male nurses at the hospital are exaggeratedly macho. And, sure enough, every one of them that we saw after that looked like they just got out of the gym on their way to the Harley Davidson dealership. So, apparently overcompensation is alive and well in Northern Ontario.


gregvw said...

Have you considered optioning this idea for a TV series?

Rufus said...

Hmmm... Tonight's Episode: 'Hey Faggot! I'm changing your bedpan!'