Thursday, February 08, 2007

University Laffs

For some perverse reason, student apathy generally amuses me. Our university newspaper constantly runs editorials with titles like: "Why worry about global warming? It's too late now!" or my personal favorite: "Freedom of Speech Does Not Apply to People Who Offend Religion!" Anyway, the newspaper of the University of Georgia has to take the cake with this editorial, in which they argue that the university should stop worrying about educating athletes, since we all know that athletes are stupid. Of course, by the same logic, there really shouldn't be a university for people from Georgia... I'm kidding!

Anyway, the Southern Methodist University is planning on building the Bush library as well as hosting a think tank dedicated to the wit and wisdom of George W. Bush, or something like that. You laugh, but to be fair, I think President Bush is probably ruling at an 8th grade level by now. Anyway, some people worry that a Bush think tank, answering only to the Bush foundation, might not have intellectual independence. But, SMU President Gerald Turner assures them, "These fears are really unfounded and deeply upsetting to Our Dear Leader. Guards! Take them away!"

Lastly, I make it a rule not to post dumb student emails or dumb student essays here, as funny as they might be, because I would have found it mortifying at 18 to find my email posted to the web. That said, I'm really not above laughing at the dumb emails that other people get.


gregvw said...

Sometimes, however, it would be a tragedy not to share student's work with the rest of the world. For example:

Rufus said...

Three years ago, I got an essay that began with the line: "Killing your children isn't easy, but it's pretty easy for Medea!" That one was hard not to post.