Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Public Anti-Intellectuals

Zoologist Mike Dunford argues that "Reality Matters" after stumbling through the unintentional self-parody that is Conservapedia- whose ad-line could probably be something like "Reality- the way you want it!" I thought Conservapedia was a joke, but apparently not- it's run by Phyllis Schlafly's kid, and is designed for homeschoolers who want to teach their children the valuable lesson that truth is something that anyone can change by arguing about it. It also solves the problem of Wikipedia's disturbingly high bullshit content by offering more bullshit, but geared towards a specific audience. It's pretty ridiculous overall- spelling "favour" with the u is a sign of liberal bias, kangaroos originated in the garden of eden, etc. etc.- but you feel sort of guilty for laughing at it. After all, these are people who, years ago, came to a fork in the road and decided to take the less-traveled path marked "Stupid".

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