Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Status Update

The sun seems to have returned to the Southernmost part of the Great White North... or, at least, the sky has lost its grey cataract for a while. It's still extremely cold- when I leaned out the front door to toss a bottle in the recycling bin yesterday my hand stuck to the inner doorknob!

I'm back to reading and seem to be a bit happier lately. Admittedly, we're going through a lot of unhappy shit with Claire's best friend in the hospital, so "a bit happier" is pretty much better than the "wrist-slashing" phase, but worse than the "beach party" phase.

Of course, part of it is that my wife is going through some Fucking Awful Shit with her best friend in the hospital. His prognosis getting steadily worse, and he's going through some Fucking Awful Movie-of-the-Week Shit. So, I'm focusing on her mental state as much as I can and we're both getting ready to fly 20 hours north to be with him in the hospital.

So it's been a bit of a reality check for me. As bad as my problems at Mall University can seem, they're pretty much nothing compared to lukemia. Of course, that's the modern condition, isn't it? You worry about your trivial problems, and then you realize how trivial and banal they are, and then you worry about that!

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