Monday, February 12, 2007

Dummying Up

Today I heard an account of perhaps the best/worst student excuse ever:
"I told my college to dummy up their courses, but they wouldn't listen to me!"

This was from a fellow who called the department and then lost his temper with our secretary, who is incidentally one of the nicest people I know. This is her account of the call:

Student: I would like to apply for the graduate program. What do I need to get in?

Her: Okay, you need to send a copy of your transcripts, two letters of recommendation, GRE scores, a 3.0 GPA overall-

Student: A 3.0?! You're telling me that I won't be allowed in because I have a 2.0?!
(This was apparently said in the indignant voice of someone experiencing real discrimination)

Her: Well, they look at a lot of things when you apply. You might still be able to get in.

Student: Why doesn't it say on your website that I need a 3.0? (It does.)

Her: I'll have to check and see. I think it does.

Student: This is stupid! I told the college that they need to dummy up their courses, but they wouldn't listen to me! Now I can't get a PhD?! Damn!

Incidentally, I live in the angriest part of America, so I can totally believe that this conversation took place. What I love though is the idea that he went to the administration at his university and said: "It's not fair! I'm stupid! Can't you make these courses dumber?! Damn!"

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