Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Well, there's a New Yorker cartoon in here somewhere!- Claire and I flew twenty hours north to be with our friend in the hospital and the town we're in looks exactly like Southern Ontario: the same strip malls, asphalt oceans, theme restaurants, and car dealerships. In the New Yorker cartoon version of this, the husband looks over to his wife and says "We need to get away from all of this!" and they fly away on vacation to an identical town. Of course, the real punchline is at our expense because this place looks just like where we live, and yet Claire and I keep saying to each other "Man, how can people live here?!"


gregvw said...

Before we moved to Albuquerque, Holly and I lived in Boston. Tired of the east coast, we bought an RV and drove around the US for 6 months looking for a new place to live. We covered 26 states and about 10,000+ miles. The fact is, certain geographical features notwithstanding, many places in America look extremely similar because they are just random permulations of the same handfull basic components. Divided highways, big box retailers, strip malls, medium security educational institutions and the mass-produced burbclaves that exemplify modern existence in the US.

...which is, of course, why I am writing this from Austria. On a related note, do you have any interest in sharing a rant-based website with me? I believe "" is still available.

Rufus said...

HA! Sure, that sounds good. Let me know when you need rants.