Thursday, July 05, 2007

American Pie: Beta House

These signs were all over McMaster University today. So the cat's out of the bag- they make those shitty American Pie movies in Canada! While I ate breakfast, I watched the cast and crew going past. What sort of people make shit movies, you might wonder? Well, it looked like primarily 50 something tech guys who were all about 200 lbs overweight and 20 something Yuppie women mainly. You know, the sort of people who are generally indifferent to the quality of work they do, so long as they get paid.

You have to wonder if there's not some conflict of interest here when a university, which exists to make young people smarter, rents itself out to a series of films that exist to make young people dumber and more complacent.

I considered standing on the side of the set yelling out the titles of great films at them.
"La Strada! The Bicycle Thieves! Smiles of a Summer Night!"


Jen P. said...

A few weeks back there were also filming this near my house in Toronto.

Rufus said...

That's actually one thing I don't miss about living in Toronto. They used to tie up our whole neighborhood shooting these dumb movies. It would be different if it was Werner Herzog or somebody, but it was always Catwoman, or some such crap.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how people who have no concept of the industry always seem to take the time out to judge it so harshly. I personally am in the movie and may appear to be one of those 20 something yuppie girls you so callously dismissed earlier. Although my appearances do help me in getting parts in movies like this rest assured that I possess brains and intellect as well. I am a pre-law student at Western who does this in the summer for fun. It is not our fault that different movies don't get made here, we work on what we can in the area. Before you go ahead and judge people who are working very hard to produce something you might want to think of all the good it does for Toronto and the horseshoe area business wise before you consider opening your mouth again about material which you, obviously, know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

American pies frickin rule and i'd totally do the chick who posted above me! Fuck the bycicle movie and french shit you're talking about fuck!!! American pie forevs ;)