Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Joy of Necks

Here are some neck pictures for Holly and everyone else too! The first is a male neck. I think the most attractive part of the male neck is what is called the posterior cervical triangle. You can see it where the neck meets the collarbone in a sort of triange with the point facing down and inwards. The adam's apple is also fairly interesting. I would imagine that it would be fun to put one's lips over the adam's apple while the male hums or growls.

And here is the female neck. As with the male, the collarbone is particularly nice. But I think the nape of the neck, from the shoulderblades up to the back of the scalp is especially attractive on women. Of course this is a famously good place to kiss as well. I think in general, I like the back of the female neck better than the male, and perhaps the male collarbone a bit better than the female. But, naturally, I prefer Claire's collarbone to anybody's!


Holly said...

Submitted for your consideration: Undulating Curves, which is all about transitions, natural and created, although perhaps, a bit less sexy.

Rufus said...

They're still pretty fascinating. I love the one with beaded moisture.