Sunday, July 15, 2007

San Francisco Street Art / Graffiti

This cheered me greatly.


Holly said...

It's fascinating that the spirit of Diego Rivera, and the herds of skate culture artists are intermingled there. Almost as if the local culture is non-homogeneity. (Yeah, I know, it's SF, but when you say "local culture" at least a little homogeneity is usually in order, or at least implied.)

By the way, this video (unlike Persona) actually opens a new window for YouTube. That might be what you intended, but if not, there may be something funny with the embedding code.

Holly said...

Oh! Forgot to say, I recognized a ton of those from artists & works I've seen in Juxtapoz magazine. If you dig this stuff, check it out sometime. It's usually with other art mags, and (last time I saw one, which was more than 6 months ago) not in a sealed wrapper, ie, browsable.

Rufus said...

I love Juxtapoz. It's probably the only art magazine that consistenly leaves me slack-jawed.

I'm also consistently amazed by the culture in San Francisco- it's amazing how well the variety of different images and symbols intermingled in that video, even though they come from all around the world. Part of it comes from being a port city, I suspect. But I've heard that San Francisco is sort of a magnet for all of the creative people on the West Coast. Once you get old enough, you move there.