Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Madonna - Vogue

I'm off to the library. But I thought I'd post one of my favorite Madonna videos before I left. Aside from being Madonna's gift back to the gay community that has been a source of creative inspiration through her entire career, Vogue was like a blast of aestheticism in an era of bad pop and worse clothes!


Holly said...

I never really saw the direct connection between Madonna and Gwen Stefani until just now.... but only the style gets there, not the content. (Sorry, this doesn't allow embedding, it's the video for COOL: on YouTube.)

Rufus said...

They both probably have the same influences, although I'm guessing that Gwen borrows from Madonna too. Gwen Stefani has an interesting look, but she's all over the place too. She apparently thinks that the culture was desperately lacking a blonde bombshell ska/hip-hop weirdo who keeps Japanese girls as slaves.