Monday, July 30, 2007


At last a fashion magazine whose position on the fashion industry is roughly face down, ass up, S Magazine is either a mildy pervy fashion mag or a really artsy skin mag; either way, it pushes an envelope that is long due for pushing. I've been saying that someone should do this for the last five years! Those of you who read the glossy European fashion magazines that cost about half my rent know that they've been moving in this direction anyway. I even tried floating the idea around with people that I knew in the publishing world; but no luck. As always... five years ahead of my time.


Holly said...

I think it's fantastic that fashion photographers can claim righteous rebellion on a basis of creative frustration. That's an amazing commentary on the fashion industry in general, and maybe on photographers specifically. Is there some tragic shortage of fashion photographers, that they are too busy to do their own work on their own time? Or is it just too stifling, to think of doing creative work without a prearranged paycheck? It's good though, that someone has finally made the magazine that all the regular fashion mags are pretending not to be.

Rufus said...

Apparently, the other fashion magazines wanted them to take pictures of the models actually wearing the clothes, which stifled them creatively.

I will say that the two things that I like about the big glossy foreign fashion mags are:
1. They have no articles at all about how to style your hair, have sex with your boyfriend, or wear make-up.
2. They can be really freaking weird.
Time will tell if this one is really weird, or basically a one-trick pony.