Friday, August 03, 2007


Okay, now we can all find out which of us have Asperger's Syndrome (at least, according to the largely unreliable standards of online testing): Here's the test.

Some of the questions were eerily familar to me; why yes, I do have extremely sensitive hearing! For others I could see where I'm not at all Aspergery: I'm actually very good at reading faces. Anyway, you needed to get a 32 to qualify, so my 30 is completely normal. Right?


Holly said...

... 39

gregvw said...

Also 39. I guess that's why we're still together.

clairev said...

24. Average math contest winner. Not really surprising on the personality front, except me and math are like oil and water.

I keep him grounded.


Holly said...

Glad someone around here has all their marbles in one sock.

Rufus said...

I have little doubt that, without Claire, I would be much closer to library-based isolation at this point.