Friday, March 28, 2008

Leaders should be seen and not heard

As you've probably guessed, I believe that national figures should look good and do nothing; if we could replace them all with models or robots, I'd be happy. So, naturally, I was overjoyed with Carla Sarkozy's Jackie O turn in London this week. Wearing an elegant grey Dior dress with black gloves and a grey beret, she passed her trial by fire as the new First Lady with flying colors, approaching Audrey Hepburn in some moments. And her manners were impeccable. The French-on-the-street have so far not been as impressed with her as I was, but they probably take style and charm for granted. Let them eat cake.

By comparison, Nicolas Sarkozy looks more like a background character in Grease every day. He's still fairly unpopular here; he was elected as a reformer and, so far, he hasn't reformed much. Not to mention the fact that he ran on the slogan "work more to earn more" and unemployment levels have barely changed while food prices have increased. In Londo, he called for a closer alliance with London and more troops in Afghanistan. So, she played Jackie O and he played George W.

Maybe the lack of style is why I can hardly stand to look at the US right now, as Hillary Clinton goes into her Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? phase in which no one can convince her that the dream is over. I thought the Clintons sucked back in the 90s, before it was cool to do so, and now Team Clinton is set to ruin Michelle Obama's chances of being the first classy First Lady in decades. The end result of course will be President McCain, already a laughing stock over here for acting like such a stooge in public over the last months, and with a wife who's a complete fashion nightmare, more importantly.

Seriously, why can't Tyra Banks pick the next President?

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