Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cenatus Corpus

From the "Your Honor, my client would like to break for lunch" file:

"MSNBC reports that real-life German cannibal Armin Meiwes is taking legal action in order to stop the release of director Martin Weisz’s film BUTTERFLY: A GRIMM LOVE STORY, which is based on the proliferation of Internet websites devoted to cannibal fetishism."

"Facing life imprisonment for the self-confessed (and self-filmed) killing and cannibalizing of a German man, Meiwes, who denies that his actions were murder 'since his victim volunteered to be eaten,' is concerned that the release of BUTTERFLY may affect the outcome of his trial."

"Meiwes goes on to say that the BUTTERFLY, which opens in Germany March 9, makes him 'feel used,' and that he wants to prevent it from depicting a 'false and stigmatized' view of cannibalism. "

Does he have a leg to stand on? Well, in the fridge, yes.

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