Monday, January 09, 2006

Double Nickels on the Dime

Okay, this seems pretty funny to me.

In Northern Virginia, the housing market has been booming for some time. You have mobs of tech workers and government employees who want to live in McMansions out in the sticks and avoid the DC crowds (read "blacks"). So, as that has boomed, there has been a bull market for labor, legal and otherwise. Many of the workers who have moved to the area really are legal, and others probably aren't, but given the labor shortage, most people don't care.

But, of course, you also get the usual suspects who scream that they're stealing the shit-jobs from real Americans (read "whites"). One such group, calling themselves The Minutemen (no doubt after the influential California punk band) has taken it upon themselves to hang about and videotape day laborers as they wait by the side of the highway to get work. The irony of well-fed suburban fucks with a conspicuous amount of free time harassing struggling laborers and pitching it as "working-class" populism is lost on many. They stalk the "illegals" and send pictures of them to the IRS, who has much better things to worry about, or post them on the Internet. Instead of, you know, actually talking to the workers, they hang about across the street with camcorders and take pictures of them and assume that they're "illegals". So, at any rate, they're dipshits. Whatever.

But, here's what I find amusing- the pictures are posted on websites like: "We are aliens"or "We Hire Illegal Aliens", or "Help Save Herndon".

The workers themselves have responded by taking pictures of the Minutemen who are taking pictures of them, and creating a site entitled We are Racists.

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