Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Day One

The first day of classes is done and I am exhausted! I got up at 7:00 this morning to get to the first lecture, and sat in on two others after that. I also met with two of the profs that I am doing exam readings with and checked out a bunch of books to that end from the library. Then I drove back home, took a nap, and woke up to write the Research Report that is due by Friday. I'm pretty much done with that, and so I'm going to bed. The Blogger clock is screwed up- it's really about midnight here.

I like being back to the grind in a lot of ways. It's nice to be busy. It's nice to make the hour-long drive while listening to classical music in the car. It's nice to burn my candles in my study while writing proposals and notes. Mall University still has the mopey vibe that it did last year- the seminar that I sat in on today was filled with master's students bitching about having to attend a grad seminar! But, it seems a bit easier to get into my head space and relax there so far. Also, it's very nice to be given lists of books and told to go read them! That I can do.

Today, I read: French Historians and Romanticism, by Ceri Crossley.


Jen P. said...

Good luck with the reading! And surviving classes with "MA kids," as I lovingly call them.

sock puppet said...

Just a plea not to lump all MA students into the same group. I was a dedicated undergrad and graduate student. However, it sometimes seemed like I had to move proverbial mountains before I'd be taken seriously. It was frustrating that professors seemed to assume that we were all snot-nosed kids.

Rufus said...

I didn't even know MA students were a type. I expected your usual nerdy grad students all the way when I got here. After all, they are grad students. The first time I was in a seminar with people who decided to go to grad school, and yet were complaining about having to read so much, I was totally gobsmacked. Actually, I assumed it was something specific to our university, and actually specific to this batch of grad students. We call them the 'reading is gay' crowd, after a particuarly memorable exchange I had with three of them. Are MA students often this way? It seems so bizarre.