Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Gay flight? Andrew Sullivan claims it's happening, right here in Virginia. The state's been trying to enact increasingly ridiculous anti-gay legislation for years now, since long before gay marriage was a sparkle in anyone's eye. Remember that the Moral Majority and Liberty University and all of those people are centered in Virginia. I remember last time I was here they were trying to deny people the right to have non-relative roommates- it didn't get too far. But, everyone I knew here who is gay has moved out. So, maybe Sullivan is right.

I think they should leave. I know it's noble to stay and fight, but it's also a drag, and stress gives you wrinkles! Leave the madhouse to the mad. Gay men are, on average, a lot wealthier than anyone else, and they have a surprising amount of disposible income. So, they're absolutely welcome in upstate New York! Our county is nearly broke, and we'd love to have new residents with lots of money. Hell, we'll help them move in and show them the best restaurants!

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