Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wild Kingdom

One of the things that varies from region to region in North America is the sorts of animals and insects you encounter. When I got to Ontario, I was surprised to find black squirrels and relatively tame racoons. Last night, Claire was surprised at how loud the crickets are at night in Virginia. They sound like an alien invasion here. But, this was what I went to sleep to throughout my childhood, and they have yet to invade and take over (I think).


The Pagan Temple said...

Take advantage of it while you can. As a pagan, I've learned they are a great meditative aid. You can lose yourself easily by attunning to that sound.

sock puppet said...

I think the black squirrels are indigenous to Ontario and Western Québec - we don't have them in New Brunswick where I grew up. And I might add that they have one heck of an attitude!

And speaking of enchanting sounds, I was in New Brunswick this weekend, and I sipped my morning coffee to the song of a cardinal.