Sunday, August 06, 2006

Upstate New York- Crazy as ever

Stephen Baldwin, the star of the film Threesome, has the vapors because his little town of Nyak, New York might be getting a sex store. Apparently after 9/11, Baldwin became a born-again Christian, his thinking going something like: "An all-powerful and all-loving God who allows 2,000 innocent people to die? Boy, I gotta get on that team!"

According to Spiegel's (rediculously slanted) article, not too much has changed since that anti-porn film from the 1950s that I posted. God still hates porn, and American born-agains will still try desperately to link their personal crusades to more legitimate concerns. To wit- 1950s: if you're serious about fighting communism, you'd better fight girlie mags! 2006: If you're serious about fighting terrorism, you'd better fight girlie mags!

Baldwin: "Ever since I became a religious person, I've noticed how much our country is deteriorating."

The same thing happened for me when I saw Biodome.

Most of what Baldwin has to say is recycled nonsense about people marrying their dogs and so forth, and most of the Spiegel article is patronizing snarking about Americans as a whole, but one quote stood out for me. Just like the old saying goes: "A shitty actor is right at least twice a day" (I'm paraphrazing), listen to this...

Baldwin: "How can people who are so concerned about the environment allow a porn shop? The answer is easy. We stare at our constitution, which is so full of rights that everything gets mixed up and there are no more limits."

That's the real enemy, isn't it? Forget about terrorists, or pornography, or the environment, or drugs. Those are all temporary threats. What these people are most consistently opposed to is the constitution.

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