Thursday, August 17, 2006

Okay, fine

So why shouldn't I say something about George Allen's 'Macaca' comment? Do I have anything to add? Not really. I grew up in Virginia and left there because I was in love with a sexy Canadian. Allen was my Senator for years, and so I can say with some authority that the man is an idiot.

Is 'macaca' a racist term? I have no idea, and actually let's just say it isn't. I can see that argument going on forever and getting increasingly surreal. "Well, actually, in ancient Swahili, macaca means 'beautiful boy'." So, fine. He's not a racist. He loves the people of Macaca. Some of his best friends are Macacas. Let's just drop that.

That's not what grates at me about the video. It's watching this California rich kid carpetbagger put on cowboy boots and pretend to speak for the 'real Virginians'. It's the faux populism- the opponent hangs out with rich Hollywood types who don't know the 'real world', while Allen hangs out with rich Fairfax County types who know a lot about the real world because their cleaning lady plays Garth Brooks for them while she scrubs the rug. Nobody in Virginia is more annoying than those fat multi-millionaire yuppies who blast neo country out of their SUVs while weaving through traffic and pretending that their basic poverty of human spirit makes them somehow more 'genuine' than the rest of us. Screw them. My America isn't mean and bullying and selfish, and my Virginia didn't used to be that way. But, maybe a poseur bully like Allen really is welcoming the rest of us to the new American status quo. Thanks, but I'll stick with the 'fake' Americans.


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