Tuesday, August 22, 2006

From Now On, We are Devo!

The Department of has released a new list of majors that are eligible for federal grants under a program designed to reward university students who major in math, science, engineering, or various foreign languages. They're pretty much funding all of the sciences. Well... there is one science major that they won't fund. No points for guessing it.

(Evolutionary biology)

Hey, look, if you want to believe in a scientific theory simply because there is massive and largely incontrovertable evidence for it, that's your business. Just don't expect your faith-based government agencies to go along with it, Heathen!


Jen P. said...

That's funny. And sad and depressing. What can one do, eh?

Rufus said...

I guess we just have to wait a few years until someone else gets power. Unfortunately, I still have to pay taxes for this sort of nonsense. But, fortunately, I make so little money that I don't usually owe them anything.

The Pagan Temple said...

That is pretty damned sick. This way, they figure that most kids that need grants are more likely to come from religous backgrounds, therefore by keeping this course from them they are insuring that nothing interferes with the degree of religous brainwashing they have been infected with all of their lives. This kind of crap makes me mad enough to spit nails.