Thursday, August 31, 2006

Legend in my own mind

People who obviously read this blog...

Kevin Smith, who is going to take a 'complete left turn' from his Clerks schtick to make a horror film, after I bitched on this blog that he really needed to try something new...

And Salon, who recently published an article arguing that American pop culture "'booty popping' will do to Islamic fundamentalism what rock 'n' roll did to Stalinism" a few days after I posted that the war on fundamentalism would be won by sleazy hip-hop videos, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Spielberg movies.

What can I say? I know how to call 'em.


Mauberly said...

They like booty popping, Rufus. They just don't want you to have any part of it.

Middle Eastern versions of Warren Jeffs.

BTW:You have some nice entries here.

Rufus said...

Thanks a lot. I have to get back to Heidegger though!

Mauberly said...

The whole bunch of you does.

Another note: 16 years ago I sat in a hotel in Memphis with a group of Muslims who were ordering Buds at 9:30 AM, having spent the night in the cities' houses.

I was just doing business. They'd finished theirs.

I'd prefer they did not finish again with us.