Friday, August 25, 2006

Great White North of the Dead

Good news for a change- George A. gets to make another zombie movie! Well, it's good news for weirdos like me, anyway... Incidentally, this one will also be shooting in Toronto, like Land of the Dead did, which means that once again I will try to get myself cast as a zombie extra. It's not exactly a demanding role, but on Land of the Dead, they were only hiring Canadians to play zombies, and I don't have a work permit. Seriously. I'm sure there's a great joke there about Canadians being especially qualified to play zombies, but I'll refrain from making it.


sock puppet said...

I was an extra for the film Children of a Lesser God. It was exciting and intriguing to have our school campus converted to a movie set. While in the end I only made the cutting room floor, several of my junior high friends have brief appearances. It’s strange (in a good way) to watch the movie so many years later and see them captured in time.

Rufus said...

It's crazy, isn't it? A good friend of mine is shown walking through a park (briefly) in the Fugazi documentary, and it's like watching a very short home movie.

There are so many movies shot in Toronto now. It pretty much doubles for everywhere. What would be nice is a movie that acknowledged that it was Toronto, and didn't pretend we were looking at 'Kansas City' or whatever. But, it's still fun to watch them shooting. On the other hand, our neighbors when we lived in High Park rented out their house to a film crew, and that got pretty old after about three months of having to find parking on a street full of trailers.