Monday, July 02, 2007

Hot European on European Union

Two of the things that you often hear are going to destroy Europe as we know it are its immorality and its declining birthrate. So, I guess your opinion about the new advert from the European Union to promote Europe's film industry, which features a montage of sex scenes from European films, particularly Amélie, depends on which problem you believe is more pressing. If you're worried about Europe's declining morality, it's teddible, teddible. But, if they want the birthrate to increase, then perhaps they should probably be showing as much sex on television as possible. And making alcohol free.


Holly said...

Perhaps not coincidentally, Euro-You-Tube is launching nowish. So that the amateur film industry can have a go at wrecking the future of Europe. Because Americans aren't the only ones who are willing to make a video of proactive attempts to destroy morals and, frequently, furniture.

Rufus said...

And don't forget cats falling off of things- perhaps the leading You Tube genre.