Friday, April 28, 2006

The "Debate" Over Immigration

It's that old teacher's trick: give 'em a non-issue to argue back and forth about and avoid the danger of unstructured time. The spectacle trots out the issue and hypes it up and we feel that we have to take one side or the other knowing fully well that they're both full of shit. "Well, what are you going to do? Not take a side? Are you some kind of nihilist?!"

In one corner of the ring, that cherished myth- the body can remain pure if only it is not broached. Nature can be ordered. Order can survive entropy. Apollo wins out. We get to have our little clubhouse with people just like us. No wetbacks allowed. We can maintain our superior culture of Red Lobster's and The Love Boat.

The problem is that there is no us and them, no order, no purity. The mind imposes order on an image of chaos that is the only true image. The walls were broached a long time ago.

In the other corner of the ring, that other cherished myth- buy in and be happy. Why can't immigrants have the same purchased happiness that people on television have? Why be denied the opportunity to settle down and lead a boring middle-class life like everyone else? One-part your heritage and one-thousand parts manufactured joy. Why isn't the American Dream available to them?

But, why wait to be told what the future holds for you? Why beg for acceptance from bigots? Why is the only world that's possible just like this one? How did we go from three worlds to one and a half?

Our position: We reject both myths. We reject the myth that life is best lived in isolation as well as the myth that the only happy life is that which most resembles the spectacle.

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