Friday, April 28, 2006

Las Drugas

Well, speak of el diablo!- it looks like Mexico is going to legalize possession of small quantities of marijuana and cocaine. So, users would be off the hook, and police could focus on the dealers and their cartels. I do wonder if Mexico could legalize possession of larger quantities without pissing off the United States. Anyway, it makes sense to stop treating users as a public menace. If we're going to arrest everyone who walks around in an altered state of consciousness, there are a lot of Christians who'll go to jail!

I've said recently that I think the arguments against marijuana use are baseless. So, I'll go out further on the limb and say that cocaine had only a slight physiological effect on me when I've used it. And certainly nothing like the movies or the anti-drug ads suggest. Mostly, cocaine is just really boring. Walking around with a racing heart, a runny nose and an auditory experience roughly similar to having a metal bucket over my head? No thanks.

I do wonder though... if Mexico is admitting that there will always be drug users, how long will it take for them to start licensing dealers? And will this mean war with the U.S.?


The Pagan Temple said...

This looks to me like an easy way to get out of prosecuting drug offenses. Fine with me, I just hope it isn't used as an excuse to let major heavy traffickers off the hook. I mean, who decides where the line is drawn, and how? Seems pretty convenient, and maybe a way to encourage more American tourists than ever before.

Rufus said...

I don't even think they can prosecute the drug offenses in Mexico anymore- there's just too many. It sounds like they want to focus on the cartels. But, the best way to get rid of them would be to license dealers.