Wednesday, April 12, 2006


A number of us would like more silence apparently.

Here's Scott McLemee:

The decline of Western civilization proceeds apace. One shudders to imagine life in decades hence. A case in point: People now use cell phones in research libraries.

Wandering the stacks, they babble away in a blithe and full-throated matter -– conversing, not with their imaginary friends (as did the occasional library-haunting weirdo of yesteryear) but rather with someone who is evidently named “Dude,” and who might, for all one knows, be roaming elsewhere in the building: an audible menace to all serious thought and scholarly endeavor.
This situation is intolerable. It must not continue. I have given this matter long consideration, and can offer a simple and elegant solution: These people ought to be shot."

He continues...

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The Pagan Temple said...

I think a bit less drastic and far more efficient method would be to hang a sign at the front desk saying, "all cellphones must be turned in here. Violatoers will be barred from all future entry"-after which the phones are turned off by the librarian, and tagged.