Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Quote for Today

Ah, now here's an interesting idea:

"Intelligence is function of feedback. The more feedback you get, the more intelligent you become. The less feedback you get, the stupider you become."
-Robert Anton Wilson

I've always thought that the lone genius was a romantic myth mostly. People like Giordano Bruno or Sigmund Freud thrived on interaction (although in Bruno's case, he perhaps got a bit too much interaction with the Inquisition!) and controversy. The trick is in interaction that pushes you further instead of dragging you lower. Maybe we need secret societies.


The Pagan Temple said...

Einstein was quite the affable socializer as well, I believe. But everybody needs a degree of social interraction with his or her peers, though it's hard to imagine how one could qualify to be a peer of such a towering intellect.

Maybe all that is required is a different kind of connection, on a different level, an emotional or a spiritual one. Even if it's no more than just a good chess partner or whatever.

Rufus said...

Here's an interesting article about Einstein and Godel: