Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's not just me

I recently went to the school doctor to find out about an ingrown hair that I was sure was the first symptom of lymphoma. Hypochondriac? A little. But, remember, I've seen Terms of Endearment and Debrah Winger dies from a lump in her armpit. So, I had good reason to panic.

Anyway, the guy is this older Army doctor who has been working at our university for decades, in between fighting in Desert Storm, and various other heroic things. I like old men. They complain a lot and it makes me feel like I don't complain so much.

He told me that he remembered a time when our university enrollment would go down in the Spring because half of the Freshmen would be gone. Can it be true? Could Mall University have had standards? "Ah, now it's just big business!" he grumbled. (Seriously! That wasn't me! It was him!) "They might as well stick them on an island to get drunk for five years and stamp their diploma at the end! It'd be the same in the end!"

Again, I like old men.

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