Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Again, I am very tired tonight. But before I go to dreamland, here's a picture of the very nice tea set that my sister brought back for me from Morocco. I like it.


clairev said...

it's super gorgeous rufus. we're going to have to drink tea from it! (well i will, i love tea, you can put whatever you want in it.) i will clear space in the china cabinet.


Holly said...

It is gorgeous. Gotta ask, though.... it looks like the pot would hold maybe 2 glasses of tea, not 6. Is it magical?

Rufus said...

Claire: I have to learn how to make tea in it. There's a special method. It will be fun though.

Holly: No, I just have too many glasses. I'd say it makes about two glasses. Good for a host and guest!