Monday, July 28, 2008

Mechanical squid from Nantes. Visitors can sit on top of the squid and control the tentacles with levers. As I said, they are making some of the coolest things ever in this place.


Holly said...

There was a documentary style program on last night about these things in Nantes, possibly on whatever flavor of ARTE we get here, but it was almost entirely about people, and very little visual of the critters, so we ended up skipping it in favor of watching Mystery Train. (for the Nth time)

But it looks like a hot topic right now.

Rufus said...

It's funny- I didn't know it was in Nantes until I saw a print of one of the sketches for sale in a book store, and even then, I thought it was from years ago. But, when I found out about it online, I ran out of my apartment muttering, "awesome, awesome, awesome..." and walking very quickly to that part of town.