Saturday, July 26, 2008

Baracking the Medias

O Emperor Barackus, don't forget us little people and mere mortals down here!

Daniel Finkelstein here gripes that Obama hasn't done any interviews with the foreign press. I will say that I saw Obama interviewed on France 3, so this isn't entirely true. However, something that bothers me with the Obama campaign is its obsessive desire to "control the message". It reminds me of the Bush administration's habit of responding to events like Katrina by immediately "jumping into action" and criticizing any negative press. I get it- everyone hates the medias. But, I'd side with a critical news media before I side with another control freak in chief.

They say that we elect people to correct the mistakes of the last person we elected. With McCain and Obama, it's starting to look like we get to choose between Bush's stubborn, incurious insipidity and his self-righteous arrogance. And it doesn't really feel like a clean break either way.

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