Sunday, July 27, 2008

Guinea Pig: It's What's for Dinner

Picture: A guinea pig dressed for the fashion competition at the guinea pig festival in Huacho, Peru. The winners are spared from being eaten; the rest are all cooked and served at the festival. Guinea pigs are not kept as pet in Peru; instead, they are either cooked or boiled and served whole. Peruvians attest to their good taste and the high quality of their meat. It might seem a little strange, but in my experience, mammals all act about the same in the wild, and all become relatively tame when kept. Keeping cats and dogs and guinea pigs, and eating cows, lambs, and pigs is probably about as logical as it would be to keep pigs, cows, and lambs for pets; and eat cats and dogs. Bon appétit !


Holly said...

So we're all going to pretend that the winners aren't also eaten, later on?

Thing is about cats, and to a lesser extent dogs, is that generally speaking, herbivores taste better to omnivores than carnivores do. And, as we all know, cat's don't make good pets at all, really goats are probably much better pets. Goats just lack the mind control ability, despite their creepy eyes.

Rufus said...

We used to raise chickens when I was a kid, and they were genuinely horrid little beasts. Not good pets. I've always wondered though about pigs. The problem is that you would have to feed them so much to keep them happy. Our friend has a goat and it's definitely not cute. But, you could pretty much leave a goat in the back yard and throw them all the leftovers and they'd be okay.

I can understand eating guinea pigs quicker than I can understand dressing them up. If farmers start dressing cows in clothes, I might stop eating them.

Holly said...

Chickens are the sort of animals that make a person glad to get a shot at whacking off it's head eventually. Frankly, I think the same of guinea pigs.

I am favor of putting hats on goats, though.