Thursday, July 10, 2008

for rufus, and everyone else too

after grad student madness, this is my favorite blog. Mainly because the owner has this awesome cat named Winston and has no shame in putting up videos of him that make me smile, but also because he writes really hilarious reviews of awful reality television. In real life, that's his job, but he also does it in his spare time. If you want some kitty goodness, head to 'kitty pride' under Categories, and go to the first video. It's great.

The first entry on the main page is for rufus, because it's fashion, and it's a bit strange, two things he likes. Truly i have no idea what to make of it so I'm throwing it out there. Enjoy?

ETA: now it's the second one...the one that says "Because there's no such thing as too much reality TV"



Rufus said...

Thanks baby! (Are you online?)

Rufus said...

By the way, I am enjoying the stuff others are posting here.