Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yes, that really is a pink dolphin.

That's the pink Amazon River dolphin, Inia geoffrensis, or "bufeo colorado” as they are known in Peru and “botos" as they known in in Brazil, one of only five freshwater dolphin species in the world, and the smartest of the bunch.

They are also endangered, so authorities in Loredo, the northern region of Peru are taking steps to ensure their survival. Anyone who has a pink dolphin will have 60 days to report to the Regional Production Directorate and explain why the animal is being kept in captivity, or face stiff fines. I don't know exactly what you would do with a pink dolphin as a pet, aside from considering yourself very lucky indeed.

Oui : c’est vraiment un dauphin rouge ! C’est le dauphin rouge du fleuve Amazonece qui s'appelle le Inia geoffrensis, ou « buteo colorado» en Peru, et « botos » en Brasil.

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