Sunday, July 06, 2008

Claire's worst nightmare

She hates styrofoam. However, Artist Michael Salter has found perhaps the coolest use of old packing styrofoam ever.

(From dvice.)


clairev said...

OH MY GOD. it's horrible in so many ways i can't even begin to count! at first i thought it was lego and i said "cool" but then when i saw what it was really made of it made it a horrible throw-uppy feeling in my body. can you imagine the awful noises it must have taken to make that??

how could you do that to me? just, SURPRISE! a huge robot made of the worst material on earth!

lola and i adopted a pet rat today. just so you know. we named him jim and he eats garbage, and you have to feed him. he lives in your office. happy dissertation writing, ass.


rufus said...

Well, I didn't say I'm bringing the styrofoam robot home. I mean, the equivalent to this would be showing me Willard on DVD. And I think I'd support that because at least Willard tells the truth about rats that the liberal rat-loving media tries to hide.

Holly said...

Claire.... there is 100% chance the artist used a hot wire to shape the pieces. Cutting styro is for chumps.

clairev said...

Holly: that gives me no solace.

Rufus: jim can't wait to meet you. he hissed that to me today, i think.



Rufus said...

Please. If you buy a rat, I'll just let it have a play session with Lola. She's the scourge of all rodents.

clairev said...

update on rat situation: Pepe (formerly known as Jim, now that Pepe and I speak the same language I know he is of Latin descent) and Lola are cuddling. He's about the same size as her and she apparently likes the warmth. It's cute. I'd send you a picture but I know the mental image is worse for you.