Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Course Work: Check

Okay, I'm off to turn in my last two essays for this semester. After this, I'm done with coursework forever. (Well... or until I start German)

But, the point is, I've now jumped through the first hoop of grad school, a hoop entitled "Hey, let's have you take two years of graduate seminars when you probably only need a semester of them!" In England, a history PhD shows up at the university, says 'ello, Guv'nor, and heads directly to the archives. Here, we do two years of courses to make sure that we really know what history is before we start doing it. Historiography is dangerous, you know. Someone could get hurt.

But, as of today, I am done with that hoop. Next, I have a year of exam readings. I'm actually looking forward to that, although it is known for being hell. Throw in another language exam and I'll be ABD. Maybe I'll rename this ABD Madness. Honestly though, I am so ready to write this freakin' dissertation, and get out of here. You have no idea.

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