Saturday, October 14, 2006

Book Tag

It took me a while, but here it is.
1. One book that changed your life - hardest question first.
A lot of this is a matter of timing. When Sexual Personae came out, it woke up me up about how much learning I had to do and how valuable it could be to do it. Paglia hasn't lived up to the promise of this first book, but it would probably be hard to. I don't yet write at this level, but whenever I read it, I still think: "Better get back to the library."

2. One Book That You've Read More Than Once.
Well, quite a few really. Looking at the shelf, the first one I see is The Illiad.

3. One Book That You'd Want On A Desert Island.
In Search of Lost Time, but if I have to pick a volume, then "III: The Guermante's Way".

4. One Book That Made You Laugh.
Without Feathers by Woody Allen. His way with a one-liner is the stufff of legend.

5. One Book That Made You Cry.
Leave None to Tell the Story. Actually, you can read the whole book via that link.

6. One Book That You Wish You Had Written.
Tropic of Cancer- not so much for the prose as to have lived it.

7. One Book You Wish Had Never Been Written.
Perhaps The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. But, I can't really say that any I wish any book had never been written. At least the Protocols publishes the sort of nonsense that anti-Semites are thinking is reality.

8. One Book That You Are Reading Right Now.
Today it's The Wealth of Nations.

9. One Book That You Have Been Meaning To Read.
The Muqaddimah by Ibn Khaldun

10. Tag five others that you would like to do this meme.
I can't think of five. Definitely Claire and Hiromi.


sock puppet said...

Yikes! Another one to add to my list of books I've been meaning to read... Sexual Personae...

Rufus said...

It's definitely better than anything she's done since. But, it's also a great book. Granted, every few pages, she'll write something that makes you want to throw the book across the room. But, that's often the mark of a thought-provoking study.

45thpercent said...

blimey lads, your blog is a bit serious innit?
I've just finished reading Harry Potter!
I've just started at uni and started a blog, looking at a few others to get ideas, yours is pretty good.
Seriously though, I think a book to make you laugh is Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and one to mean to read is 1984

Rufus said...

The Hitchhiker's books are great. The movie wasn't what it could have been. My wife is a big Harry Potter fan, but I've still not gotten to them. Good luck with the blog.