Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Robert Anton Wilson

Ah, this is kinda sad. But, life involves letting go of the good people too, as Siddharta Guatama knew. Good old Robert Anton Wilson, who has been sick for a long time now, is dying of post-polio syndrome. Wilson is the author of the Cosmic Trigger and Illuminatus! trilogies, a Pope of Discordia, and in my opinion, this century's answer to Voltaire.

What's sad is that he had such an impact on the lives of so many people, including yours truly, and he can't even afford the rent anymore. He's getting full-time care and not enough money to pay it, and well, it's a shame.

But, the good news is that lots of people are sending him money. If you want to help a truly good human being (and who doesn't?) why not send ten bucks or more his way?

Go to his site, and the main link is to the pay pal account. They've also got a truly cool tee-shirt for sale that sends ten bucks his way. If anyone deserves to have a good last few months in this particular reality tunnel, it's RAW.

Pay Pal Address:

And, you might want to consider that Bob is a kind old man whose only relief from constant pain is marijuana, and then ask yourself why the federal government would rather tell his doctors to go to hell, and him to get back to suffering. Just an interesting question to mull over.

So send a few bucks. You'll feel good doing it, and someday, when you're old and weak, the karma might come back your way.

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