Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cleaning out the closet

What did I say? I think that getting the FBI to investigate Senators to discover if they're gay or not is pretty creepy. Sort of a slow-burning witch hunt. And I don't care if it makes some lefties feel good to expose Conservative politicians as gay to the social conservatives, because you know what? Doing so suggests that you agree with the social conservatives that there's something wrong with being gay, which is just stupid. Leave the closeted gays alone. Stop persecuting them! They'll come out in their own due time, okay? (You hear that Lilly Tomlin? No rush!)

But, I see exactly where this is going. First the FBI investigates a few Senators, and then some "Democrat" blogger dick starts "outing" Senators, and then the Republicans and Democrats have to start fighting to prove to Americans that they can be less tolerant of gays than each other. And then we have three main issues in this next election:
1) Proving that we can really stick it to those damn illegal aliens,
2) Proving that we can really stick it to those damn gays,
3) Proving that we can really stick it to those damn 'suspected terrorists'.

This is how we're defining ourselves- a race to become the most mean-spirited and paranoid people we can be. And the worst part is, Americans aren't like this. Not the ones I know. Not the people I deal with on a daily basis. They're actually warm-hearted and accepting of each other. But, the party faithful are becoming these demogogue wackos. What is this madness?

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