Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lost in Cohabitation

has said that she doesn't believe that humans are naturally monogamous. Now, she's in a relationship with Josh Hartnett, and so has some 'splaining to do.

"Josh is very sweet," the 21-year-old actress says in an interview in Allure magazine's November issue, on newsstands Oct. 24. "He's a good boy. A great person. I'm very lucky and I'm very happy. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not promiscuous."

I didn't know that was a popular belief. I'd disagree with the popular belief that she's an actress, but I guess I'm sort of weird in thinking that, in this day and age, well-known adult women shouldn't be required to reassure the public that they're not promiscuous.

"I do think on some basic level we are animals, and by instinct we kind of breed accordingly," she says. "But as much as I believe that, I work really hard when I'm in a relationship to make it work in a monogamous way."

So, don't worry people, she's as afraid of her own desires as you are!

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