Tuesday, October 24, 2006

These are the breaks

People keep criticizing this GOP ad, calling it fear mongering. But, it seems to me that, if it's guilty of anything, it's just boring. I can't imagine seeing this on TV and being shocked at all. Like can you imagine someone saying: "What?! You mean there are terrorists?! And they want to kill us?! Holy crap! Does anybody know about this?!??"

I don't know- does anyone find this ad effective at all? Wouldn't you have to be pretty much living under a rock for five years to find it effective? I mean, one thing's for sure- I'm definitely not voting for Osama bin Laden now! But, otherwise, it just doesn't move me.

And actually it went the other way for me. I've been thinking for a while that maybe I've been unfair in characterizing the GOP as having nothing to offer but fear mongering! And this is their ad! I was thinking that maybe there would be something more to it. But, nope. Just: "Hey, did you hear? There are terrorists! And they want to kill us!"

...kill us!

So, yeah, I think these political ads are getting pretty lame. I'll have to post Hillary's ad about how our children are now safe from video games thanks to her because that one's like the ultimate duh.

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Meowkaat said...

"I'm definitely not voting for Osama bin Laden now!"