Monday, October 16, 2006

Great Minds (or Something)

Camille Paglia recently stated, in a clear and sparkling way, the same point that I made recently, in a crude and fumbling way (in a post which shall heretofore be known as "the blow-job post"). Here's her take on bisexuality:

"For years Paglia, a self-confessed ‘idolator of Elizabeth Taylor, pagan Goddess’ since the age of 13, has called for a model of bisexuality whereby people can feel free to explore sexual experiences and identities without being forced to take on a label such as ‘gay’, especially at a young age. ‘My experience has been bisexual but my love life has been entirely lesbian – that is, I’ve never fallen in love with a man, but I am equally attracted to men and women, always have been,’ she says. ‘We need to promote a model where it’s free to move back and forth between borderlines.’"

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