Monday, October 02, 2006

Weenie Patrol

I'm not exactly sure how to explain why this site makes me laugh...

I mean, it's pretty much the typical regurgitated reactionary nonsense, but the guy is an almost perfect straight man.

Okay, first, let's remember that thing I posted a while back about how people who are in cults tend to believe that people who are not in the cult are insane. Because the guy is absolutely convinced that people who dislike the President are mentally ill for disliking the President. A scourge on humanity, dangerous individuals, need to be locked up, and so forth.

Now apparently people have been getting vanity license plates that read: ITMFA.
Would you know what that means? Because, before I read about this, I wouldn't. I can see myself in traffic behind a car going: "IT Manager For All?", "I'm The Mother Fucking Artist?", "In The Mouth For America?", "In The Mouth Feed Artichokes?" "I'm The Man, Forget Andy?" So, I would have no idea.

Apparently, it stands for Impeach The Mother Fucker Already, which is an inside joke that is probably funnier on the inside. There is a webpage and people go there with their ITMFA plates and pretend that they're striking a blow against people who aren't in on the joke. Sort of like making a difference, but not really. (Not a lot different from blogging in that regard!)

Well, anyway, the Lonely Crusader freaked out and squealed to the state DMVs. What's funny about his site is watching this total weenie pretend that he's supporting the troops or saving the country or whatever by humorlessly bugging state DMVs about letting 'obscene plates' get on cars. Especially considering that you have to have the decoder ring to get why these plates are obscene in the first place. My favorite line is here:

They told me the person must have LIED about what the ITMFA stood for on the form to get the plate issued.

This is a crime.

Yet another Democrat lying to get what he wants.

Uh, yeah. Somebody better contact the authorities- oh, wait! Some loser already has. The guy's moral revulsion is priceless- he thinks that one man is making "a disgusting political point" because his shirt reads "Worst President Ever". What do you want to bet this guy is the head of his 'neighborhood committee'? So, for a peak into the Nanny State mentality, check out the blog.
What creeps me out is the feeling that all of these people have the mentalities of six-year-olds and they're the ones who are taking part in the political process. Someone needs to tell them to STFU already. And come back when they've got something better than passing dirty notes in class, or squealing to the teacher that people are passing dirty notes in class!

(Update: One big question at the Reason site is whether or not the blog's a joke. The guy's really posted a lot for it to be a joke, and I've seen plenty of blogs that were this stupid. But until the guy delivers that classic authoritarian punch line 'I like to think of myself as a libertarian really', I'm suspending judgment.)


MTI said...

The only joke site I see is yours.

In MATWORLD people like you realize that YOU are a minority in this country.

By the way, it was great FUN to go after you loons with the ITMFA plates.

Nothing like tweaking you insane libs.

By now!

Rufus said...

See what I mean? Just poking fun at the doofus means that you're 'insane' in his mind. Also a 'lib' apparently. And own this stupid license plate! 'Matworld' is apparently not a place with a lot of oxygen.

MTI said...

Months later, as the Democrats are doing everything they can to LOSE the War In Iraq, we see I was right....

The loons who had these plates ARE dangerous and evil.

YOU are a problem also since you see nothing wrong with them.

Grow up and see the world as it is, not like your THINK it is.

Now, back to the coming war with Iran

Anonymous said...

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