Friday, October 06, 2006

Today's French (Socratic Edition)

(To go with the recent Socratic theme)
Essence: Essence
Forme: Form
Corps: Body
âme : Soul

Etre: Being, to be.

Devenir: To become

Savoir: To know by learning

Connaître : To know by the senses


sock puppet said...

A good distinction between “savoir” and “connaître”, as Anglophones trip over these. French is a much more precise language than English, with often a unique word for each variation in meaning. I always struggle with when to use 'revenir', 'retourner' or 'rentrer'. In English, we can simply default to ‘return’.

Rufus said...

I actually still have trouble with them too. I usually remember connaître as what you use when you've met a person.