Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Claire and I watched a few of the Republican and Democratic debates on television, although I couldn't honestly explain why if you asked me, and one thing that amused me greatly was how many of the questions from the CNN moderator amounted to- ''Here's another completely unrealistic, impossible, never-going-to-happen, dipshitted, lunatic pipe-dream that the American voters are clammoring for; now how will you give it to them?'' The basic idea seems to be that the customer is always right, so if the voters want their next President to build a solid gold prison to hold anyone who can speak Spanish and do so at no expense to the taxpayers, well, they'd better get to drawing up the plans!

In that vein, R.U. Sirius gives us the Top 20 Taboo Topics for Presidential Candidates. No prize for guessing how many of them fall under the heading of 'facing reality'.

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